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Dog Walkers Life: We Can't Believe Its May!

What a year 2023 has been for the Team here at Gemma's Pet Services. A fantastic one, don't get me wrong but we are incredibly busy and like madly flapping chickens inside a poised and calm successful business owners body.

Here we are though writing our very first blog: a dog walkers life and we hope that you all manage to get a chance to read and enjoy as we share with you our day to day life as dog walkers and business owners; the joys, the not so glamorous, our advise, ideas and much more.

That's not all! We took the huge step into setting up shop...if we didn't have enough to do already, and we will be sharing our journey, hits and disasters with you as we grow online too. Any advise appreciated at this point!

Go ahead and follow us as we dive deep into GPS.

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