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Blooming Glorious - diary planning, warm weather and new treats.

Don't you just love the start of the warmer weather? I certainly do! A little later than 2022 but non the less glorious. Not only are the team happy to be out in the sunshine, showing off our exotic pink t-shirts but the dogs are extremely happy to be running around...mud free.

We have had another busy week though so no sun bathing for me. Of course with over 100 dogs on our books, many who are regular clients, this takes a lot of organising and we aren't just about loading 10-12 dogs in a van.

No, No. Planning our dairy does take an incredibly long time. Lots of juggling and ensuring all your dogs are going to work well in pack walks, travel for our team is efficiently coordinated and cost effective, ensuring all your needs are met with timings is also a big undertaking. Mostly though we get through it and everything works. Well most of the time #diaryplanninghurtsmyhead

This week we have also celebrated, along with the nation, HRM King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla's crowing which of course many of the team did with dogs in lead. We would love for you to share with us your pictures. Tag us on facebook @gemmaspetserviceswarwickshire

the roll eye

Jodi and I have also been really busy with 'live ins' for lots of pups this week including Harley. Her hoomans have been off getting married. We send love and huge congratulations to them both and their little hooman. Harley though is absolutely tired of me taking selfies with her...can you tell? Saying that though she's had a blast meeting new pup friends and adventuring in our beautiful Warwickshire countryside.

Our treat side of the business is on the up too. We are working hard in the background talking with suppliers, getting in new stock and growing our site. I have been doing lots of research and I think we are going to be creating the dog treats and accessories their own website and social media pages. Traffic to our website is great but the online store gets lost. This isn't easy though, just thinking of a catch name is trial and error.

summers holidays are coming

Its all going to be worth it in the end and summer is coming! Bringing its challenges for the doggies, it so worth the time changing and freezer space being taken up with cooling bandanas, ice bottles and frozen dog treats, as the dogs love getting together early morning and we love the dry, shorts weather walks. Cant wait to show you all our new summer caps...gotta keep the team safe in the sun!

'T' is also very much looking forward to summer months when she gets to ride along on some of the walk and by ride along I mean usually with her scooter or bike! Anyway, come back soon for more of what's going on here at Gemma's Pet Services.

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