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Award-Winning Adventures: Celebrating Our Success and Exciting Updates!

Updated: Jun 5

Celebrating Our Second Award Win!

We are thrilled to announce that Gemma's Pet Services has won the Dog Services of the Year award for the South Region at the Animal Star Awards! Out of thousands of entries from both the North and South, we are incredibly humbled and honoured to be recognised for the dedication and love we pour into our work. This award reflects our commitment to providing the best care for your beloved pets.

Gemmas Pet Services multi award winning pet care providers
Multi Award Winning Pet Services Owners Gemma and Jodi at the Animal Star Awards 2024

Jodi's Adventures with Phoebe

This week, Jodi has been living with Phoebe, a gorgeous black lab. They’ve had a fantastic time exploring busy Stratford-upon-Avon, meeting new people, and embarking on our special edition hike in Wendover. Phoebe is eagerly awaiting her parents' return, but until then, she’s having a blast!

Alex and Rebekah’s Small Animal Care

Alex and Rebekah have also been busy this week, focusing on our smaller furry friends, including cats and rabbits. Alex encountered a unique situation when one of the kitties was found munching on slugs in the garden. While it might seem harmless, eating slugs can be dangerous for cats due to the risk of lungworm infection. It's a good reminder to keep an eye on what our pets are nibbling on outside!

Promoting Pawdaw of London

Gemma has been hard at work promoting Anna's incredible products from Pawdaw of London. As a dog walking business, we need to be prepared for all types of weather. This year, we've invested in cooling coats from Pawdaw, which are made from innovative materials that keep dogs cool for longer. These coats are luxurious and, most importantly, comfortable for dogs. Gemma and Jodi tested them out while walking Phoebe and Poppy over the weekend. They even ran into our lovely client doggy Kobi and his owner, who joined the walk and tried the cooling coat. It’s a 5-star rating from all of us!

Busy Social Paws Class and Hike Adventures

Last Friday was action-packed with a busy Social Paws class where we brought out all the agility equipment to practice the doggy social skills we’ve been working on. Emma also led a successful hike adventure, taking Alfie, Coco, and Sparky on a 7km trail in Fenny Compton. Check out the photos and reels on our social media @gemmaspetserviceswarwickshire.

Gearing Up for Summer

Our regular weekly walks are in full swing as we gear up for summer. The diary is getting busy, and we're nearly done with the June schedule. We'll be sending out dates to clients who have requested times shortly.

Natalie with her own doggy
Natalie with her own doggy

Welcoming Natalie to the GPS Team

We are thrilled to welcome a new member to the GPS team, Natalie! She will be leading our hike adventures, making these more regular and exploring further afield. Think of these sessions as an alternative to doggy daycare, offering freedom and the beauty of the Cotswolds and the rolling hills of the Malverns. Natalie is super excited to meet your doggies and offer them these wonderful adventures.

Don’t forget to tune in next Wednesday to hear all about our special edition hike and what we’ve been up to during the week. Stay updated on our latest activities and news by visiting our website

Thank you for your continued support!

Gemma’s Pet Services Team

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